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Iron oxide|1332-37-2|


Iupac Nameiron(3+);oxygen(2-)


CAS No.1332-37-2


Molecular Formula: Fe2O3 (isomer)


HS Code: 2821100000



Product information:
Iron oxide, alias ferro oxide, limonite burning, ochre burning, iron Dan, iron red, red powder, Venetian red(the main component is iron oxide) and so on. Chemical formula Fe2O3, soluble in hydrochloric acid, is a red-brown powder. Its red-brown powder is a low-level pigment, industrially known as iron oxide, used in paint, ink, rubber and other industries, can be used as a catalyst, glass, gemstones, metal polishing agent, can be used as a raw material for iron making.



The appearance is a metallic shiny reddish-brown powder.


Density(g/mL, 25 °C): 5.24[ 1]
Relative vapor density(g/mL, air = 1): Not determined
Melting point(º C): 1538
Boiling point(°C, atmospheric pressure): 3414



For the coloring of paint, rubber, plastics, cosmetics, architectural fine grinding materials, precision hardware instruments, optical glass, enamel, cultural and educational products, leather, magnetic alloys, and advanced alloy steel, etc., are inorganic pigments used in the paint industry. Rust-proof pigments. Used as a colorant for rubber, artificial marble, surface abrasive, colorants and fillers for plastics, asbestos, artificial leather, leather, etc., precision instruments, opticizing agents for optical glass, and raw materials for manufacturing ferrite components for magnetic materials.

Production Capacity: Total 100,000 mts/year


Mill instruction:

As one of the largest manufactures of inorganic iron oxide pigments in China, our mill is a modern chemical enterprise that integrates R&D, producing, marketing and processing of iron oxide pigments. Our mill's main products cover Iron Oxide Red, Yellow, Black, Brown and Orange. With an annual capacity of 100,000 mts inorganic color pigments, Our mill ranks the top in the peer industry nationwide. Our mill's pigments are widely used in construction, coating & paints, rubbers, papers, plastics, ceramics, leathers, glasses etc. and enjoy high sales in the world's markets ofr high quality.


Dedicated to its advanced technology and strict quality system, Our mill has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification and became the member of "China National Coating Industry Association". Our mill's Pigments were assessed as Anhui Brand-Name Products.






Packing: in 25kgs paper-plastic compound bag with or without pallets.

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