PVA (Polvinyl Alcohol Resin)

CAS No 9002-89-5

Molecular formula [C2H4O]n


Introduction: The various types of polyvinyl alcohol resin (in short PVA) are generated by alcoholysis reaction of polyvinyl acetate that is polymerized from vinyl acetate. Its polymerization degree is between 85% to 99.9% in the shape of flake, granular and powder, PVA of more than 99.5% alcoholysis degree can be dissolved in hot water of 95 , 88%±2 can be dissolved in normal temperature water. Aqueous PVA has good spinnability, film-forming properties, bindablility and emulsibility. It is mainly used for producing synthetic fibre, PVA film, plastic, bonding agent and also for textile sizing, paper-making, process leather, building, dispersion agent for making PVC etc.

 Our PVA MILL production capacity: 250,000mts/year.


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Packing: in 25kgs paper/PP bag with or without pallets. Or in 500kgs/800kgs/1000kgs big bag on pallets.

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