Sodium Sulfide |1313-82-2|

CAS No :1313-82-2
Molecular formula :Na2S

Introduction: Sodium sulphide Na2S, commonly known as alcali sulphide, no white crystallization water is tasted for the cubic system. Corrosive, easy deliquescence; Soluble in water, alkaline solution; When acid decomposition hydrogen sulfide; Easy oxidation in air. Industrial products contain different crystallization water (Na2S xH2O), containing sodium sulphide by about 60%, because it contains a small amount of impurities is usually pale yellow or pale pink. Have a lump, flake and granular products. Mainly used for raw hair removal agent, the agent of paper pulp cooking, sulfide dye raw materials, dyes intermediates reductant, fabric dye mordant, mineral flotation agents, also can be used as a desulfurizer viscose fiber and manufacture nahs and sodium polysulfide raw materials, etc.  

Used in the manufacture of sulphur dyes, leather depilatories, metal smelting, photographic, rayon denitration, etc. Is widely used in leather making, battery manufacturing, water treatment, paper making, mineral processing, production, organic intermediates, dye and dyeing, pharmaceutical, monosodium glutamate, artificial fiber, special engineering plastics polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), alkali, rubber, also used as a system of nahs, sodium sulfide, sodium thiosulfate and so on, have some use in the military industry.
(1)In the dye industry to manufacture dye sulfide, the sulfide green, sulfur blue or dye intermediates reductant, mordant, etc.
(2) Used in non-ferrous metallurgical industry ore flotation agent.
(3) Hair removal agent of raw hides in leather-making industry.
(4) Paper cooking agent in papermaking industry.
(5)Sodium sulfide is also used to sodium thiosulphate, sodium polysulfide, nahs, and other products manufacture.
(6) Also widely used in textile, paint, rubber and other industrial sectors

Production Capacity: 18,000mts/year

Breif Introduction to our mill: Our mill was founded in year 1969, which has 2 lines to produce Sodium Sulfide. The production capacity is 18,000mts/year and 80% of them are for exporting. We are the leader in China who has the technology to produce low iron content Sodium sulfide (Fe 10PPM and 5PPM). Surely, our mill has passed ISO9001:2000. The honor we got are "AA+ Credit Rating Company", a "Trustable Company", and AAA Credit Rating Company which are all awarded by local government. We are looking forward to cooperate with you!

Fe content: We can supply Fe content with 5PPM, 10PPM, 20PPM, 30PPM, or higher.
Specification for Fe 10PPM:



Sodium sulfide (on Na2S basis)

60%   min


0.5%  max


1.5%  max


1.0%  max

Iron (on Fe basis)

0.0010%  max

insoluble matters in water

0.02%  max


Eight classes of dangerous goods.



Packing: in 25kgs PE/ PP bag on pallets. 18mts in 1x20’fcl;

               in 25kgs PE/PP bag without pallets. 25mts in 1x20'fcl.