Polyoxin |19396-03-3|

Product Name: Polyoxin


CAS: 19396-03-3


Molecular formula: C23H32N6O14


Product Info:

Polyoxin is a kind of polyoxygen pyrimidine nucleotide microbial source bactericide which can effectively restrain the synthesis of chitin-the skeleton composition of fungal cell wall and it has systemic function. This product can effectively prevent several fungal diseases such as Alternaria leaf spot and ring spot of apple, tobacco brown spot, black spot of pseudo-ginseng, ginseng and pear tree, tomato leaf mould, rice sheath blight disease, wheat and cucumber powdery mildew etc.


Polyoxin is used widely to control fungal diseases on fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, turf and ornamentals. As natural source fungicides, they are known to be highly safe for humans, animals, plants and the environment. Mechanism of action is interfering fungal cell wall chitin biosynthesis, so the lesion can not be extended. Can prevent flowers, fruits against black spot, gray mold, leaf spot.


We have 70% minTC and kinds of contents WP.

Producing Mill Introduction

Our cooperated mill is the only high-tech enterprise in the west of China that specializes in R&D, production and sale of biological pesticide. Over the past 40 years of innovative development, the company at present has developed more than 50 kinds of biological pesticide TC and formulation becoming one of enterprises that have the most variety of pesticide products.

The National and Local Union Project Research Center for Key Technology of Biological Pesticide approved by the National Development and Reform Commission has stationed in the company. The company has more than 30 senior researchers and more than 340 first-class production equipments. The main products developed by the company include kasugamycin, polyoxin, Ningnanmycin, Nikkomycin, Agricultural Antibiotic 120 (Pyrimidine nucleotide Antibiotics), Jinggangmycin and celangulin etc.

In recent years, the company has exported its products to more than 10 countries and regions like Viet Nam, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. with value of export accounting for 57.4% of gross sales.

Production capacity: over 100mts/year

Packing: 70%TC, 25kgs/drum; 2%--8%SL,200Liter/drum; 2%--10%WP, 25kgs/drum


*TC means Technical raw material

*SL means Soluabe liquid

*WP means Wettable Powder

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