DL-Malic Acid |617-48-1|

Product NameL-malic acid

Chemical Name L-hydroxy butane diacid

CAS No: 97-67-6

Molecular formula: C4H6O5

Mol. mass: 134.09

Structural formula:


Physical PropertiesWhite crystal or crystalline powder with high water absorbability and easily soluble in water and ethanol.

Health-care Effects of L-malic acidL-malic acid has important physiological functions, and it can directly enter circulation of tricarboxylic acid to participate in human metabolism. Its health-care effects are as follows:

1. Taking up a special position in path of material metabolism, malic acid can directly participate in human metabolism and be absorbed by human body to provide energy for the body in a short time, so that the fatigue of the body will be eliminated. Therefore, malic acid has anti-fatigue and energy-restoring functions.

2. Smooth metabolism makes nutrients decomposed smoothly. Malic acid can promote the absorption and metabolism of food in body. With quantity of heat, it can effectively prevent getting fat and help to lose weight.

3. Malic acid can be added into a medicine for making the medicine more stable and diffused and absorbed by body more quickly.

4. L-malic acid can accelerate metabolism of ammonia to lower ammonia concentration in live and to protect the liver.

5. L-malic acid, one of the components of fundamental liquid for treating heart diseases, can be used for supplementing K+ and Mg2+ so as to keep the energy metabolism and protect the ischemic myocardium due to myocardial infarction.

6. L-malic acid can be used as a stabilizer for calcium lactate injection, a precursor of anticancer drugs and an animal growth accelerator.

7. L-malic acid can improve energy metabolism of brain tissues, regulate brain neurotransmitters, help to restore learning and memorizing functions and obviously increase learning and memory capability.

8. L-malic acid is more ideal glutamate decarboxylase inhibitor and can make people sleep less and more excited.

9. L-malic acid has effects of protecting endothelial cells of human blood vessels and resisting damage to endothelial cells.

Brief Introduction to our mill: With a high-quality R&D team, the company has entered into collaborative relationships with many scientific research institutes at home and abroad. The company focuses its business activities in development, production and sale of high-tech refined chemicals and high-tech material products. The company now is providing two classes of high-tech products, and it is striving to gradually develop series new products in future: (1) Food additives: DL-malic acid Fumaric Acid and L-malic acid; (2) Fully-biodegradable plastics: Polydiethylene glycol sebacate (PBS).

 TDS of the Product:

Product Content (Based on C4H6O5)


Fumaric Acid Content


Heavy Metal (Based on Pb) Content


Arsenic (As) Content


Sulfate (Based on SO42- Content


Sulfate (Based on SO42- Content


Specific Rotation [α]20


Melting Range




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Packing: in25kg/paper barrel lined with polyethylene bag net each.

Storage: Stored in a closed, dry and shade place away from light.

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