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Triangular crystalline powder from orange to purple. There are two kinds of natural and synthetic. Natural is called West red and has a relative density of 55.25. Fineness 0.4 ~ 20um. Melting point 1565(decomposition). When burned, oxygen is released and can be reduced to iron by hydrogen and carbon oxide. Insoluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, slightly soluble in nitric acid and yeast. Excellent light resistance, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, rust resistance. Good dispersion, strong colouring and covering, no oil permeability and water permeability. Non-toxic. The maximum allowable concentration in air is 5 mg/m3.
As one of the largest manufactures of inorganic iron oxide pigments in China, our mill is a modern chemical enterprise that integrates R&D, producing, marketing and processing of iron oxide pigments. Our mill's main products cover Iron Oxide Red, Yellow, Black, Brown and Orange. With an annual capacity of 100,000 mts inorganic color pigments, Our mill ranks the top in the peer industry nationwide. Our mill's pigments are widely used in construction, coating & paints, rubbers, papers, plastics, ceramics, leathers, glasses etc. and enjoy high sales in the world's markets ofr high quality.
2, for all kinds of paint coloring and protective substances, including waterborne inner and outer wall paint, powder paint, etc.; It can also be applied to oil paint including epoxy, alkyd, amino group and other various primers and finish paint; It can also be used for toy paint, decorative paint, furniture paint, electrophoresis paint and magnetic paint. Iron red primer has anti-rust function, can replace the high price of red Dan paint, save non-ferrous metals.
Dedicated to its advanced technology and strict quality system, Our mill has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification and became the member of "China National Coating Industry Association". Our mill's Pigments were assessed as Anhui Brand-Name Products.
Iron oxide red has two kinds of natural and artificial. It is pure iron oxide and has superior light resistance, high temperature resistance, and resistance to atmospheric influence, pollution resistance to turbid gases, and all alkaloids. Mainly used for paint, rubber, plastic, construction and other coloring.
4, used for advanced precision grinding materials, used in the polishing of precision hardware instruments, optical glass, etc.. High purity is the main base of powder metallurgy, used to smelt various magnetic alloys and other advanced alloy steel. Made from ferric sulfate or ferric oxide or lower foot iron mixed with high temperature calcination, or made directly from liquid medium.
1, in the building materials industry, it is mainly used for color cement, color cement floor tiles, color cement tiles, imitation glazed tiles, concrete floor tiles, color mortar, color asphalt, water grindstone, mosaic tiles, artificial marble and wall paint;
3, used for the coloring of plastic products, such as thermosetting plastic and thermoplastic plastic, and rubber products, such as car inner tube, aircraft inner tube, bicycle inner tube.

Packing: in 25kgs paper-plastic compound bag on pallets. 20mts in 1x20'fcl;Or without pallets, 25-27mts/20'fcl (according to the limited weight at destination port).

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Iron oxide Red|1332-37-2|
Iron Oxide Red is also known as ferrite, iron, rust
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Fe2O3 (isomer)
Formula: Fe2O3
Iron Oxide Pigment
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