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It has been rated as “China industrial enterprise technical development strength of top 100”, “countrywide fiber 50 strong”,”Anhui province industry 50 strong”, has won the national ”five one” labor certificate of merit, countrywide spin system of Ideological and political work in the advanced units, the “Ankang Cup” contest winning enterprise, countrywide factory public job advanced unit, China textile enterprise culture famous enterprise, countrywide spin harmonious enterprise builds advanced unit, "Anhui province eleven five energy-saving and advanced company”, Anhui province A- class tax credit the honorary title and so on. In 2008, the company was awarded the title of national high-tech enterprises. In 2009, the company was named for innovative enterprises of Anhui province on July. The company also has a technology and high polymer materials engineering technology research center.
It is an important joint manufacturing enterprise of chemical, fiber and new material in Anhui Province. The dominant product is PVA and HSHM- PVA Fiber, the output capacity keep the first of the China for many years, also in the world. Regarding the situation of the coal chemical and labor-intensive industries, the company develop a new recycle road through” Resources Comprehensive Utilization, Energy Development by Echelon”, it's become the model in Anhui Province and the same industry in China.
Its main products are: polyvinyl alcohol (25 thousand tons/year), VAM (500,000MTS/YEAR), high strength and high modulus polyvinyl alcohol fiber (40 thousand tons/year), polyester chip ( 60 thousand tons/year), Redispersible Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Powder (20 thousand tons/year), acetic anhydride ( 50 thousand tons/year), polyvinyl acetate emulsion (15 thousand tons/year), concrete blocks ( 20 thousand cubic/year) and electricity (0.45 billion kilowatt-hours/year).
Our mill located in Chaohu - one of the five biggest fresh lakes in China. Chaohu is surrounded by high-speed railways, motorways and also Yangtz River, which provided convenient logistic conditions for the company. The company located in the center of He-Ning-Wu economic zone which is the most vigorous east market. The State Council approved the establishment of Wanjing City demonstration zone for industrial transfer, created unlimited space for our mill's development.
Our PVA & VAM mill is a large enterprise under the direct control of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Anhui Provincial Government, It was founded in 1969, which was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in May,1997.
It has more than 3200 staff, with various professional technical more than 1000 peoples, with high, intermediate technical title more than 200 peoples. The total assets of the company nearly RMB 6 billion. The total sales revenue is RMB 2.42 billion in 2010 and the export is more than USD$65 million.
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